A blog that explores the best of Royalty,luxury and elegance

Our blog, royal civility, focuses on helping our readers with tips and information on becoming royalty through words and images. We will create lifestyle content for the modern Afropolitan interested in fashion, beauty, art and travel. We publish articles about our readers’ favourite products and services; we share stories about their favourite destinations; and review books on relevant topics for this audience.

Our goal is to provide our readers with the finest in royalty culture and etiquette, encompassing topics such as royal etiquette and mindset, fashion wear and formal attire. We regularly review and share books on best-selling topics, showcase the latest trends like African art and craft, and create a comfortable lifestyle with royalty in mind. We have handpicked the best-selling products and offer them through affiliate marketing campaigns. The content is developed from extensive research efforts, which help to keep you updated on the latest trends.

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