Prof. Julian Businge

She has many strings to her bow and is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Royal Civility Global Initiative, Property (specializing in serviced accommodation), mentor and Leadership Expert. Professor Julian Businge is a published Author, Keynote Speaker, and Business Strategist. She is accomplished across many disciplines and runs successful businesses in each area.

Dr . Charles Anthony

Dr. Anthony is  an  Evangelist,  motivational/  inspirational  speaker, Ambassador of greatness and goodwill, Spiritual Leader, Lecturer, Teacher,   Leadership   Mentor,   and   Life   Coach.   He   has   been nominated   for   civility   humanitarian   award   through   Greatness university and was inducted into the first of its kind “World book of Greatness 2020.”

Prof. Michal P. Pitzl

“It’s amazing to watch the creator of a new education paradigm, Chancellor Michal P. Pitzl, transfer a new education system into three unique chancellors, who are actively impacting their own education institutions with this same model of education around the globe,” says Sir Clyde Rivers, World Civility Leader.

Over a decade ago, Sir Clyde Rivers and I started the journey of pioneering online education on the continent of Africa. Who decides to embark on such a journey? Who thinks that they will be the ones to start a new thing in the world? Who thinks of new ideas and considers them valid?

Dr. S. Regina Robertson

Dr S. Regina Pierre Robertson is an Ordained Apostle, Mental Health Professional, Leadership/Retreat Consultant, Stress Management/Life Purpose Coach, Author, Transformational Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Program/Conference Developer. She is the Founder and President of New Dimensions Global Fellowship, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale FL, an ecclesiastical and outreach model developed to address the need for purpose driven care from the pulpit to the pew; she is the Visionary and Co-Creator of New Dimensions Global: A Faith Based Community Mental Health Initiative that is designed and inspired with a moral imperative  to  go  beyond  current  world  systems,  doing  no  harm,  but  moving  with  a  quest  

Dr. Betty Speaks

Dr. BETTY SPEAKS is retired with HONORS from the United States Army, 2021 I Change Nations Global Newcomer of The Year Honoree Giving birth to “The Resurrection Imprint Act,” an award winning I Change Nations International Speaker, Global Network Virtual Marketer and Entrepreneur, 8x Best Selling Author, Jesus Woman at Godheads Ministry, Certified Christian Coach, Certified Master Storyteller, Certified Black Belt Speaker plus she has been featured on TV shows and a host of Radio broadcasting.  

Dr . Sharon Anderson

HRH. Clyde Rivers

Sir Dr. Clyde Rivers, is the founder of IChange Nations, and Global world Civility leader. He is the acting Representative to the United Nations – New York for the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative (IPI) and the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI Dr. Rivers is the acting Ambassador and the Director of the North American Division of the Golden Rule International. Sir Clyde Rivers has been given the title of the Godfather of civility. His tireless work around the world to bring one concept to people around the globe. That kindness and respect for all humanity is the way forward to make the world a better place.

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