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Hebrews 4:12

Our Vision

The Royal Civility Institute was founded on the basis of mutual civility. By teaching and promoting civility through God’s word, we push society closer to peace and harmony every day. We want to make our contribution to society by infusing the Word of God into the lives of people around the world. Our vision is to reintroduce God to people and spread his kingdom across the world through our work. We dream of a world where everyone is a loving, compassionate, and a devoted citizen of the kingdom. Our goal is to help others uncover their true identity as children of God, and assist them with their advancement towards the kingdom of God through education, discussion, and discipline. We want others to live holy, meaningful lives and find fulfillment in life

Our Mission Statement

The Royal Civility Institute (RCI) is an organization of scholars, leaders, and coaches that teaches the children of God different topics on divine royalty. We work tirelessly to teach others about the importance of royal civility: the consistent treatment of others with respect. We support the advancement of the Kingdom of God through theological education, the upholding of God’s Holy Word, and by our actions that promote the furtherance of God’s biblical worldview. Altogether, our mission is to help others understand that God is the sovereign ruler of the greatest kingdom, and show them how to follow His Word in their everyday lives.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. We encourage and promote the Biblical teachings so that society can prosper and thrive.
  1. We facilitate inter religious discussions and dialogue with people of other beliefs or none.  
  1. We train anyone who is passionate about living out God’s purpose for their lives.
  1. We promote the upholding of God’s Holy Word and encourage all to follow in God’s way.
  1. We help others understand the Word of God and show them how to apply it to their lives.
  1. We act as shepherds by bringing new disciples into the world.

7. We teach others about active royal civility:

the consistent treatment of others with respect

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